Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

Spesifikasi Toyota Grand New Avanza 2015

Toyota Grand New Avanza 2015 diluncurkan dengan 8 pilihan warna, yang dapat pembaca lihat di gambar di bawah! Tampilan warna di foto, dapat berbeda dengan warna sesungguhnya.

Dari delapan pilihan warna Toyota Grand New Avanza 2015 diatas, yang mana warna favorit anda? Saya pribadi masih pilih warna putih.

Untuk tipe Grand New Avanza saat ini ada 7 tipe:

    Tipe 1.3 E STD M/T – Tanpa Rem ABS
    Tipe 1.3 E STD A/T – Tanpa Rem ABS
    Tipe 1.3 E M/T (manual)
    Tipe 1.3 E A/T (automatic)
    Tipe 1.3 G M/T (manual)
    Tipe 1.3 G A/T (automatic)
    Tipe 1.5 G M/T (manual)

Photos & Exterior Design

Changes in the Grand New Toyota Avanza is very visible on the front of the display, especially on the front radiator grille design with chrome shades and wider. There is also a section below the bumper grille ornament black color that blends with fog lights.

Besides the look radiator grille, front headlights also undergo design changes, which used to average now stands out. At the bottom of the headlights, there are also grooves on both the right and left. On the hood there is a good indentation on the left or right side.

To design the side of the car, there is not much change compared to the Toyota Avanza long, only a change in the design of body side molding and emblems are Dual VVT-i on the right and left side below the rearview mirror.

To the rear of the car, change the design of the car is very visible on the rear lights which are extra and blend until the lever to the rear door. Brake lights on the upper rear spoiler also dilate, like all the design of the rear lights are very striking perubahnya, devoted to the safety factor when driving. Because the other drivers that are behind the Toyota Grand New Avanza, will be very clearly seen, if the Toyota Grand New Avanza braking.

Design alloy wheels also changed, although not too visible for some people.

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